The last six weeks have been a whirlwind.

The hard work’s far from over, but we should be proud.

We should be so proud that together, we ran an incredible and far-reaching campaign.

We should be proud of the hours, days and weekends we spent reaching every parent with the facts. 📮

Over 1 million people watched our videos, which featured stories of school staff across the country, as well as uncovered the facts about school funding and the parties’ promises:


Across the country people were out leafletting, delivering over two million leaflets to parents and community members, raising awareness of cuts on a community level:


Hundreds of thousands have used the search tool on to find out the truth about cuts, tens of thousands wrote to candidates; and education soared up to the third biggest issue on the national agenda. 📈

Following our hard work over the election, we need to take time to rest so we can come back with the energy this campaign needs.

We need to make sure that this fire doesn’t go out.

Only 1% of Conservative parliamentary candidates took our pledge to reverse school cuts.

Moving forward, we must do everything we can to hold them and the new Government to account so our schools and colleges get the funding they deserve.

We cannot let schools continue to crumble into disrepair, teachers buy resources out of their own pocket, and class sizes rocket.

Thank you for standing up to save our schools — and for staying the course.

We’re in this together. And we will keep fighting until our schools get the funding they need and deserve. 💪