It’s simple really.
We expect our schools to be properly funded so they can deliver the education our children deserve.


But after nearly 10 years of underfunding, our schools are at crisis point.

After relentless campaigning by parents, heads and school staff, the Government has promised to give schools £1.9bn more next year. But this falls well short of the money that schools need to fully reverse the cuts they’ve suffered since 2015. 

16,523 schools in England will have less money per child in 2020 than they had in 2015.

You can find full details of how the methodology behind these figures has stood up to unprecedented public scrutiny over 2 years here.


This crisis won’t be over until a Government funding announcement passes our six tests: 

  • Reverse school cuts suffered since 2015
  • Guarantee new money from the Treasury
  • Fund all ages and all needs, including SEND 
  • Provide for a five-year funding plan
  • Address historic underfunding 
  • Fully implement and fund pay rises

Until the Government agrees that education is too crucial to compromise on, it’s up to all of us to keep school cuts front and centre – at every dinner table, in each PTA meeting, in MP offices up and down the country.


Learn more about our methodology.