Gavin Williamson fails to acknowledge the extent of this crisis.

The Government has yet to make a commitment that addresses the true shortfall our schools face.

We know that school funding is in crisis.

Our schools know. Staff know. Parents know. And we’ve all worked hard to make sure that every politician has no excuse to not know what our schools are suffering.

Despite this, on BBC Breakfast, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson described school funding as being a “bit tight”. 

It’s not a bit tight, Secretary. It’s a funding crisis.



The Government has admitted that current funding levels are inadequate. But they’ve yet to make a commitment that fully reverses the cuts schools have suffered since 2015.

As a result, 83% of schools in England will still be worse off next year compared to 2015.

Headteachers and governors will still be making unimaginable decisions due to budget cuts. Teaching staff will still be managing growing class sizes and dwindling resources.

Comments like this from the Education Secretary gloss over an issue which damages the quality of education and provision for a whole generation, puts unprecedented pressure on staff and parents, and deflects from those who have the power to put this right – those in  Government.

Our schools don’t need little extras. They need proper funding and reversal of #SchoolCuts.

Our schools don’t need dismissive comments about the funding crisis. They need it acknowledged and solved, once and for all.