The Chancellor had a choice: reverse school cuts or leave our schools in crisis.

On Monday 29 October, Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his new budget in Parliament. This was the Government's opportunity to change course and properly fund education. Instead the Government has failed our children once again.

Here’s what you need to know about this budget’s impact on schools:

  1. No money whatsoever to plug the gaps in core school budgets. 17,942 schools faced cuts before the budget; 17,942 schools still face cuts after.
  2. No money for children with special educational needs and disabilities. Children with special educational needs and disabilities need urgent education funding – more than 2,000 children with SEND are still awaiting provision. Budget 2018 made no attempt to address the crisis in SEND.
  3. “Little extras” for school buildings and equipment.  The Chancellor announced one-off capital funding for “little extras”. The school capital budget was down from £7.6bn in 2010 to £5.2bn before the budget. With Hammond’s “little extras”, it will be back up, but only to £5.6bn, and it’ll be back down to £4.5bn by 2020.

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