The Prime Minister’s recent promise falls short.

We welcome commitments from Government to fix school funding. Sadly, the Prime Minister’s recent promise falls short. And the funding crisis for schools continues.

Our calls have been heard

After relentless campaigning by headteachers, school staff and parents, the Government has finally accepted that schools have suffered billions in funding cuts since 2015. 

They can no longer deny the devastating impact this is having on children and communities. Thanks to our campaign, no-one can dispute that schools don’t have the funding they need to provide a decent education for every child.

This is a massive step. It’s the biggest boost we’ve secured for our schools so far. Ignoring the school funding crisis has become politically unthinkable.

But we weren’t sure if the Government’s latest announcement was enough to reverse cuts and fix the crisis. So we did the maths.

How this adds up

After looking at how the Government’s announcement would be implemented on already crisis-stricken schools, it’s now clear that for most schools, the future still looks bleak. 

For 83% of schools, the funding crisis continues next year. 

From Bolton to Bromley, 16,523 schools will have less money per pupil in 2020 in real terms than they had in 2015.  This is simply not good enough.

What needs to be done

The latest funding announcement falls well short of settling the shortfall for every child. Crucially it fails to reverse the cuts schools have suffered since 2015.

As the crisis continues, we have the largest class sizes in the developed world. One in 8 secondary pupils are in classes with over 30 students. How can we expect children to learn and thrive in this environment? 

It’s crucial that we keep the pressure up and let the Government know that we will continue to hold them to account We will not let up until these devastating cuts have been reversed, once and for all.

The Prime Minister needs to urgently follow through on his promise to give schools the funding they need. 


Take at a look at the ways you can take action in your community.