Almost half of teachers say their school or college are ‘unfit for purpose' after years of Government cuts.

A survey of 670 teachers by the National Education Union has revealed that schools in England are plagued with leaking roofs, crumbling walls, damp and faulty boilers and heating after years of cuts to funding.

This month the Department for Education revealed a £400million fund for building repairs, but this cash is only available to academies and sixth form colleges.

This leaves many schools leaders without the funding to maintain school buildings.

Headteachers across England are struggling to keep buildings safe for children and teachers. Some schools have even been forced to cordon off playgrounds and shutter unsafe classrooms.

With school budgets at breaking point, schools leaders have been left with no choice but to paper over problems instead of repairing them.

A quarter  of respondents confirmed they are delaying turning on the heating for winter in their school or college to save money.

Many teachers anonymously disclosed the worst issues facing their schools:

“When it rains heavily, water floods my classroom and it comes through the fire escape. Water also comes through the roof.”
“My classroom roof leaks, and I have to have a bucket – textbooks and exercise books have been wrecked.”
“We also have some classrooms without ceilings.”

This can’t go on. Children and teachers deserve a safe and healthy classroom.

“Our children deserve to be taught in buildings fit for purpose. This disastrous trajectory of decay has gone on long enough.”
– Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary NEU

At this election, we need to hold politicians to account.

Add your voice now and tell the next Government to stop school cuts.