Headteachers couldn’t be clearer, they’re seeing the impact of the cuts every day.

Headteachers up and down the country have been raising the alarm for years. Funding cuts are making it impossible to deliver a proper education.

Every day headteachers are having to make difficult decisions – decisions about which basic supplies they can afford, and which staff will have reduced hours because there’s simply not enough money.

Since 2015 every Prime Minister has claimed to be putting more money into schools than ever before. But the hard truth is that nearly all schools in England are worse off now than 5 years ago.

This has meant;

  • Fewer adults in the classroom providing essential teaching support
  • Larger class sizes and less individual attention for students
  • Less per pupil funding per year

For 83% of schools in England, the funding crisis continues next year.

Headteachers, governors, parents and school staff are speaking out because these cuts are having a devastating impact on the students of the future. Watch these videos and hear directly about how the cuts are damaging our education system.

Hear from Headteachers and Governors

Please share these films with every parent and teacher you know.

Headteachers are taking action & speaking out against school cuts

Andy Ramanandi, headteacher at St Joseph's Primary School in Gateshead, knows that cuts to school funding are having a negative impact on his pupils.Parents and teachers are speaking out against these cuts. Join them today. >> Visit schoolcuts.org.uk

Posted by School Cuts on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

John Hayes, Headteacher in Camden talks about the impact of funding cuts

Headteachers like John know school funding is in crisis. 9 in 10 schools are facing billions in real-terms funding cuts: this is a national scandal.Please share this film with every parent and teacher you know, and find out whether your school is on the list at: schoolcuts.org.uk

Posted by School Cuts on Friday, March 2, 2018

Andrew Mellor, Headteacher in Blackpool talks about the impact of funding cuts

Andrew Mellor has been headteacher at his school for 14 years. Headteachers like Andrew know first-hand the impact school cuts are having on education. Every parent should be paying attention. Find out if your school is on the list >> www.schoolcuts.org.uk

Posted by School Cuts on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Watch & Share Maria's Story

"We've got to draw a line, and say that we're not prepared to do this anymore." Meet Maria. She's been a school governor for 21 years. Watch Maria explain how cuts have devastated her school and are shortchanging children with special educational needs.

Posted by School Cuts on Friday, May 10, 2019