There are 389 nursery schools in England and single every one is under threat.

If the Government fails to take action, tens of thousands of children will lose their place in early education.

For years children’s education has been under threat from Government funding cuts. Now schools for our very youngest are at risk too.

Nursery schools across England are facing cuts or even closure next year if the Government doesn’t change course.

Like all other schools, nursery schools have been struggling with chronic underfunding for years. Many have already been forced to close.

But it’s about to get even worse.

Two years ago the Government recognised nursery school funding is insufficient. As a stopgap measure they released a bit more money.

It wasn’t enough. Now they’re pulling the plug on this funding too.

After 2020 nursery schools have no guarantee they’ll have the resources they need to keep running. If they’re forced to cut services or close, tens of thousands of children could lose their place in early education. Working families left with nowhere to turn.

If the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, cares about our youngest children, he must act now to save our nursery schools.

Watch our film, sign the petition and share with every parent you know. We only have 1 year left to save nursery schools.

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