What happens at this election will determine the future of education for a whole generation of children.

For the next five weeks, we’ll be working day and night to put school funding cuts at the top of the national agenda and ensure every candidate commits to fixing the school funding crisis.

At the last General Election, tens of thousands of parents, headteachers and school staff from every corner of the country organised in their communities to put School Cuts at the centre of every conversation.

Working together again, we can make sure every parent goes to polling day ready to vote for education.

Here is our election plan:

  1. Reach every parent with facts about school funding
    We will leaflet as many school gates as possible to inform parents up and down the country about what’s really happening to school funding. The leaflets will encourage people to go on schoolcuts.org.uk to find out how cuts are impacting their school.
  2. Build our election petition to grow the movement against school cuts
    By signing up as many people as possible to the petition and to this campaign, we can show the groundswell of support for our schools at this election and turn out tens of thousands of people to vote for education on polling day.
  3. Ask every candidate to pledge to fix the school funding crisis
    In this election, every candidate has a choice: to fix the school funding crisis once and for all, or compromise on children’s education. Our pledge tool will make it easy for voters to ask their candidates for a simple election promise: to give every school adequate funding so it can deliver a high quality education for every child.
  4. Hold our candidates to account on their pledge if they are elected
    No matter the result at this election, we will hold our politicians to their promises for our schools.

In 2017, School Cuts became the headline issue at the election and changed the minds of 750,000 voters.

One month later, a direct result of the campaign, we won back £1.3bn for schools – and we’ve been gaining ground on school funding ever since.

This time, we need to make it politically impossible for any Government to continue underfunding schools.

At this election we have a chance to do just that.

Join the movement to win the funding our schools and colleges deserve:

  1. Find out how much your school stands to lose
  2. Tell every parent and teacher you know
  3. Order free materials to spread the word about school cuts
  4. Join the growing team of Stop School Cuts election volunteers
  5. Read our toolkit and get active in your community