The Government’s claim of ‘levelling up’ school funding is false.

Sadly, the Prime Minister’s promise to do so has fallen short. Despite committing £1.9bn for the next school year, the funding crisis continues for most schools.

83% of schools still lose out next year because of Government cuts. And crucially the latest announcement fails to reverse the cuts schools have suffered since 2015.

It is crucial that the language used to address the school funding crisis is accurate. Phrases like “level up” are far from the reality that schools face. 

Every false claim about restoring funding undermines the integrity of the heads and governors working hard to balance the books.

It undermines the teachers and support staff striving to support more children fewer resources. And it minimises the efforts of the parents fighting for their children to have a decent education. 

Never mind promises in two or three years’ time — schools are struggling with impossible budgets right now. Our heads, teachers and support staff are already at breaking point.

In 2017, a post-election survey found more than 750,000 people changed their vote because of the issue of school funding cuts.

As we prepare for the next General Election in December, we have to remember that this election is a once-in-a-generation chance to fix the funding crisis. This includes examining every party, every candidate and every promise. This means challenging pledges that overstate and commitments that fall short. 

Together, we can make sure every candidate knows the choice they have – to fix the school funding crisis, or compromise on education. 

No matter the result at this election, we will hold our politicians to their promises for our schools.

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