Education Select Committee report says the Government must fix the broken education funding system

This morning the Education Select Committee made up of MPs from all parties concluded its year-long investigation into school funding and the Government’s handling of this crisis.

The Education Select Committee’s report further backs what headteachers have been saying for years.

“Funding has not kept pace with the rising demands placed on schools and colleges.”

Schools are having to cope with growing numbers of pupils, shrinking budgets and rising costs. They’re also being tasked with covering essential services like complex special needs education and disability provision with inadequate funding.

“The Department for Education must make the strongest possible case to the Treasury for sufficient funds to finance the widening high-needs deficit, projected to be over £1 billion by 2021.”

The report echoes what parents and teachers have been demanding:

  • Ensure schools get a multi-billion pound investment to reverse the damage caused by years of underfunding
  • Fix the £1.2 billion funding gap for special educational needs and disabilities
  • Give heads and school leaders certainty with a 10 year funding plan

Never before have so many parents and educators united to demand that the Government recognise the reality on the ground and act. Now a Government Select Committee is making the same demand.

But we can’t rely on a report to deliver the funding our schools desperately need.

What needs to happen now is political will and action.

Schools don’t need dribs and drabs of money that fail to see a single child through their education. Or one-off funding announcements that make it impossible for any school to plan.

Schools and colleges need £12.6bn per year by 2022/23 to stop school cuts.

The Department for Education and the Treasury must listen and commit to the funding that schools desperately need.