The reality of the SEND crisis.

We asked parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities to tell us what the school funding crisis has meant for their families. Here's what they told us.

More than one million children with special needs don’t have adequate funding to help them access their education.

Up to 8,500 children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities are still waiting for appropriate educational provision.

We asked parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities to share how this lack of funding and provision has affected their day-to-day lives, their families, and their children’s education.

Here’s what they told us.


“It has been 3 years out of school so far for my amazing 12 year old. He misses out on so much and I entirely blame the lack of funding. It is only by all of us standing up these practices that things will change.”

Beverley, Cheddar


“My daughter has been out of education for nearly two academic years! She has autism spectrum disorder, demand avoidance and anxiety. I’ve reduced my hours at work, my husband works a 4 day week and my sister has reduced her hours so that my daughter is not left alone at home.”

Helen, Bromsgrove


“My son has dyspraxia and dyslexia but has no official provision at all. Our school is amazing and are trying to provide interventions for him but with no financial support. This is all so shortsighted and cruel.” 

Sarah, Isleworth


“My daughter has always had learning difficulties. I wish the Government could see first hand how children are suffering in schools. Please have a heart and properly fund schools so children with special needs have a fighting chance.”

Demi-Lee, Winsford


“My daughter is 12 with autism spectrum disorder, demand avoidance, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome plus many mental health conditions. She’s been out of education since July  2018. My children are denied an education yet again and I have been unable to work.”

Parent, Somerset


This isn’t good enough. 

These stories are but a fraction of the scale of the SEND crisis across the country. The Government is failing children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

The next Government must commit sufficient money to end the school funding crisis now for every child. They must fully reverse the devastating cuts schools have suffered since 2015 — once and for all.

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