Parents like Michelle Abbs are fighting tooth and nail to get an education for their child.

Michelle spent 18 months fighting for her son Charlie to get a place in a school that could adequately support him.

It’s the Government’s job to fund an education for all children. Instead, parents are having to fight because devastating cuts have left schools across the country without money to meet the needs of children like Charlie.

“We shouldn’t have to fight for our kids to get the right education. It should be there for them to receive.”

Michelle and her husband spent 18 months fighting to get their son Charlie a place in a school that would properly support him. Charlie, age 9, has autism, sensory processing and Tourette’s Syndrome. Before starting his new school, Charlie struggled daily. He was prone to meltdowns, was violent and even wanted to kill himself.

The strain on Michelle, her family and Charlie was immense. Both she and Charlie were aware that he couldn’t cope with mainstream education and needed specialist schooling.

Michelle often found herself wondering if she was doing the right thing, but now that Charlie has the specialist education he needs, he is thriving.

“Now that our son’s in his new school, I feel like I’ve got my old Charlie back. He’s learning again. He’s happy and properly supported.”

Parents like Michelle shouldn’t have to go through this. According to the Government’s own figures more than 2,000 children in England with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are awaiting adequate school provision.

In our country, education for every child is a fundamental expectation. We shouldn’t accept anything less. That’s why heads, teachers, support staff and parents like Michelle are urging the Government to give funding back to local authorities so they can commission SEND support and services in line with what children in their community need.

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Michelle's story fighting for a place in school for her son…

Parents like Michelle are fighting tooth and nail to get an education for their child. How can that be right?There are still more than 2,000 children with special needs who don't have a school place. Watch, share, demand urgent action from Damian Hinds >>

Posted by School Cuts on Sunday, July 22, 2018