Every election, politicians claim to put more money into schools, but what do the numbers really say? We’ve done the maths to find out how every school in England will be impacted.

Politicians from every party have been promising to fix the school funding crisis for years. But from experience we know that there is often a wide gap between promises and reality.

To that end, we’ve been analysing the impact of the party manifestos on school funding across England.

After crunching the numbers, here’s what the parties have planned:*

  • The Conservatives’ plan will not reverse school cuts since 2015. Their manifesto will also keep schools in the red for the next five years.
  • The Liberal Democrats’ plan will restore school funding to 2015 levels and protect school budgets for the next five years.
  • The Labour Party’s plan will reverse school cuts suffered since 2015. They will also go beyond this to give our schools more money over the next five years.

Stop School Cuts Fact Checks: Party Manifestos

📚 We've spent weeks poring over the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrat plans for education with a fine-tooth comb.Here's the impact of their manifestos on school funding for every child.📊 See the numbers for yourself at 👉 schoolcuts.org.uk

Posted by Stop School Cuts on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

We can’t afford any more empty promises or stopgap measures. The time for a long-term settlement for school funding is now.

It’s the only way the next Government can deliver a high quality education for every child.

On December 12, we all have a choice to make:

We can continue down the path of larger class sizes, dilapidated schools, cuts to teachers and subjects.

Or we can make an informed choice to vote for education.

We have just days left before millions of voters go to the polls. We need to make sure that on election day every parent is armed with the facts about school funding.

  1. Get the facts → Watch the film
  2. Share with every parent you know → Spread the word
  3. Sign this petition → Demand the next Government stop school cuts

You can read our full analysis of the manifestos here.

*N.B. We’ve only included party manifestos that have been analysed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.