More than 34,000 parents, teachers and support staff have signed our petition demanding urgent funding for special needs education.

A properly funded local education authority would allow every child to reach their full potential. Instead the Government is failing thousands of children who just want to learn.

On 23 October, parents, teachers, counsellors, MPs and children with special needs handed in a 34,000 strong petition to the Department for Education demanding that Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, urgently fund special needs education (SEND).

The Government’s own numbers show that over 2,000 pupils with SEND are not getting access to the equipment and resources they need to learn because of funding cuts. In many cases, children with special needs don’t have an appropriate school placement that allows them access a full education.

That’s why parents, school leaders, and teachers are united in this fight to ensure that all children, not just some, have access to proper education.

“I would like to see a fair playing field for all our children so that every child can access an education, so that every child can thrive.”
Emma Parker, SEND campaigner & parent

Central Government has not given local authorities adequate funding to give children with SEND the support they need. This has translated into losses of staff, equipment and the provision required to safeguard children with the most complex needs in the classroom.

It’s time to radically overhaul the way that special needs education is being funded in the UK. Children with special needs are being let down across the country because there isn’t enough funding to access education properly.

“There is no doubt SEND is in crisis”
Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary NEU

School funding is in a crisis that is impacting children all over the country, including those who need additional support to access the education they deserve. These cuts are simply blocking them from the support they need to learn.

In 2019, in one of the richest countries in the world, we can and should expect better.