Has your candidate pledged to fix school funding?

In this election, your candidate has a choice: to fix school funding once and for all, or compromise on children’s education.

We all have the power to hold candidates to account by showing them we will only elect people who guarantee to protect our schools. 

That’s why we are asking candidates to make a simple pledge: give every school the adequate funding it needs to deliver a high quality education for every child.

Find out more about the pledge in our Election Toolkit.


Follow our 10 step guide to get your candidates to pledge:

1. Know your facts
Learn about the impact of funding cuts on your local area. Find out if your school is on the list.


2. Email your local candidates with our pledge tool
Use our pledge tool to ask your local candidates to take the Stop School Cuts pledge. Email candidates now


3. Share the pledge tool with everyone you know
Once you’ve asked your candidates to pledge, you’ll be prompted to share the pledge tool. Sharing with people you know is easy to do and will make a huge impact. Working together at this election, we can make sure every parent goes to polling day ready to vote for education.


4. Follow up with your candidates
If your candidates haven’t replied within a week – follow up!  You can get your candidates attention by tagging them on Twitter.  Write a tweet explaining why you’re concerned about the school funding crisis. 

Here’s a sample tweet – make sure to tag all of your local candidates when you post it.
I will be voting for education. Will you commit to the @SchoolCuts pledge to guarantee protection of our schools and fix school funding once and for all? #schoolcuts


5. Don’t give up – there are other ways to hold candidates accountable
If your candidates are not responding to you online, attend one of their campaign events and speak to them in person. Candidates publish local campaign events on their website and social media platforms – keep an eye out.

Tell them you’ve tried to get in contact about the school funding crisis. Ask them if they will pledge to protect our schools.


6. Organise a meeting
If any of your candidates take the pledge then take the next step and request a meeting to discuss the school funding crisis. Invite people you know from your community like parents, students and teachers. 

Before you attend the meeting, think about your own personal story. How has the school funding crisis affected you? Why is it important to you? Tell your candidates what you want to see improved.


7. Ask pledged candidates to pressure their opponents
If you succeed in getting a candidate to pledge to fix the school funding crisis, don’t stop there!  Now that your candidate has committed to the pledge they can apply pressure to other candidates in the area and their party. 


8. Ask your candidates to publicise their commitment to the pledge
It’s important for people to know that a candidate has committed to a pledge so that they can be held accountable. Ask your candidate to share their commitment on their social media platforms.


9. Invite your candidates to a leafleting event
Sign up to volunteer at a local leafleting event. Invite your candidates to come along and support the campaign.

Join the Stop School Cuts Election campaign team.  


10. After the election, hold your new MP to account on their pledge.
No matter who gets elected, make sure to hold your local politicians to account. Continue to tweet, email and attend events to keep the school funding crisis at the top of their agenda.


Working together at this election, we can make sure every parent goes to polling day ready to vote for education!

Email your candidates using our tool here, and share with every parent you know: