The Government is still failing children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Despite the government’s recent pledge for an additional £700m in funding for SEND, schools and local authorities are still facing a £1bn funding shortfall.

That’s left over 8,500 children with special needs without an appropriate place in school. 

This is simply unacceptable.

Parents like Louise in Okehampton know this too well:

My son has very complex mental health issues, with 3 diagnoses. At present he has no school placement. I currently meet a tutor in the car park of my workplace so that he can receive some kind of education while I go to work.

Louise is one of many parents of children with SEND who are speaking out about the lack of appropriate school places. 

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In our country, education for every child is a fundamental expectation. 

This year alone, more than one million children with special needs don’t have adequate funding to help them access their education. 

The next Government must commit adequate funding for SEND, ending the crisis once and for all.

Every child deserves a decent education. 

No matter who’s in power at Westminster we need to ensure that every child has that opportunity.

Sign our petition telling the next Government to end the funding crisis once and for all.