When headteachers speak out, the Government should listen

More than 2,000 heads from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland took part in a march on Downing Street protesting the Governments cuts to school funding.

Twice the numbers of headteachers expected marched to Downing Street on the 28th September to protest Government cuts to school funding. Some travelled from as far as Cumbria and Cornwall to give their message Chancellor, Phillip Hammond – after 7 years of budget cuts, there’s nothing left to cut.

“We are staring into a financial abyss and risk short-changing our children.”
Tony Markham, Herne School, Hampshire

In a letter delivered to Hammond, school leaders urged the Government to reverse the real-terms spending cuts of recent years, and called for an extra £400m to support special education and high-needs pupils.

“This year I have a projected budget deficit of £240,000.”
Philip Potter, Oak Grove College, Worthing

Earlier this year, the Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed that schools have suffered an 8 per cent cut to their budgets due to rising costs since 2010.

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) has also revealed the number of secondary schools in England running at a loss had nearly trebled in four years.

Despite this, the Department for Education continues to claim that there is more money going into schools than ever before.

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1,000 heads planned to march, but more than 2,000 turned up. Watch this video to find out why head teachers marched on Downing Street

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