Time to end the school funding crisis

Sign our open letter to tell the Prime Minister that schools and colleges can’t afford any more empty promises or short-term fixes. They need a proper funding solution that lasts – supporting every child from early years to college.

Dear Prime Minister, Boris Johnson:

England’s schools are in crisis.

91% of schools have suffered Government cuts to per pupil funding since 2015.

Our schools cannot go on like this – losing teachers, support staff, cutting back on subjects, activities and basic maintenance just to balance the books.

Head teachers and governors have been clear. School budgets are at breaking point. After years of cutbacks, there’s simply nothing left to cut.

This is why we welcome your commitment to address the funding crisis. But our children cannot afford any more empty promises or stopgap measures.

Schools need certainty and a long-term plan that lasts every child, from early years to college. We’ve done the maths and know exactly what it will take to reverse school cuts and maintain funding levels per pupil as costs rise.

Schools and colleges need £12.6bn more per year by 2022/23.

This will ensure proper school funding – not just for primaries and secondaries, but for every part of our school system that’s suffered. This means early years, post-16 education, and crucial support for special educational needs and disabilities too.

Britain is one of the richest countries on earth and we should be able to fund our schools properly. Anything less for our children, for our pupils, for a whole generation of young people, is simply non-negotiable.

Commit this money and end the school funding crisis now.

The undersigned,


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